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Secrets Your Parents Never Told You About smtpserver

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one. Open up the command prompt with your Computer by either seek out “cmd” or typing “cmd” within the operate prompt 2. With the command prompt style Telnet twenty five (assuming we’re attempting to find the SMTP server for

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These are the principles which the Indian Vastu Shastra has propounded for the construction of Overhead Water Tank in a flat or building. The science of construction dates back to the Vedic Age in India. The ancient sages had founded these principles and it is considered a science or an extension of architecture.

The overhead water tank should be located in the west or the south-west direction of the building.

The overhead water tank in this direction should be at least 2 feet above the uppermost slab. It should not touch the slab.

The first rays of the sun fall on this tank and the water absorbs it. Due to water, this corner becomes heavy and it is advantageous. But the overhead tank should not leak. Dampness in the south-west corner is not good

The north- east corner belongs to the Water element yet a massive overhead tank is not proper in this direction because the north-east corner should not be heavy under any conditions.

Over head tank should not be located in the southeast corner also. If it is built here then it may lead to loss of wealth and accidents are probable.

The effects of overhead tank in the south direction are of medium effect. Here too the tank should be 2 feet above the slab of the roof and should not leak.

If the tank is built in the west side this too can be very beneficial as this is the direction of the Lord Varuna and he is in-charge of the rains. This tank in the west direction can be built over the slab itself. There is no necessity of leaving a gap.

Overhead tank should not be in the north-west direction. In case this is build in the direction it should be small in size, height, and situated at a distance of at least two feet from the north-west corner. According to Vastu Shastra the water in this tank is not used properly and cannot be retained for long.

Care must be taken so that the tank is not built in the middle (Bramhasthan). If there is a load on the Brahma it becomes impossible to live in the house. If the overhead tank at the Bramhasthan is removed, surprising advantages can be experienced within 21 days.

Avoid having plastic overhead water tank. If it is a plastic tank it should be of blue or black colours. This leads to absorption of sunrays. As far as possible, there should be different tanks for drinking, cooking and for toilets and bathrooms.
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